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Antibacterial Fire Retardant Cubicle curtain non pattern matched, Geometric design printed double sided

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Product Information

  • Satin weave of 220gsm.
  • F/R Polyester (Fire retardant BS 5867-2: Type C).
  • All the fabrics meet the relevant fire retardancy contract specification.
  • Available in 411 cm width x 200cm drop.
  • Washable to 71 degrees for Thermal Disinfection.
  • Our cubicle curtains come with a 2.5cm straight stitch fire retardant heading tape

Cubicle curtains are used in medical treatment facilities to provide privacy for patients in treatment. They are one of the most important items that need changing to prevent infection spreading, it plays a vital role in our care treatment in the recent Covid19 Pandemic. 

Our Curtains are designed according to HTM66 Health Technical memoranda to be suitable for all types of hospital cubicle curtain tracks. The size is suitable for single bay and multiple bay cubicle layouts. We cooperated with NHS Supply Chain when selecting curtain fabric, particularly on the thickness, color, and fullness of curtains and the adequacy of suspension tape.

Delivering the vision set out in the NHS Long Term Plan of Public Savings we believe it is very important to move our textile products to fully washable versions as much as possible. 

This is the reason we developed these washable cubicle curtains which have various options of being double-printed or single-printed for the reverse of the fabric to be usable for the next cubicle in the hospitals, our cubicle curtains drive integration and help to provide sustainable healthcare services.

Due to the procurement requirements, the production of our range of NHS Products is fully accredited for LSAS Standards. Best value is obtained by public sector purchasing may be obtained by using our products if you need to order for a hospital or a healthcare facility please contact our team.

We can transform local healthcare to be more sustainable, while nationally, NHS England must continue to deliver efficiency and innovation for directly commissioned services. Our commercial solutions team will support both regional and national programs and are driven by below objectives:

  • Improving product durability and effectiveness via innovation in technology supporting less public spending
  • Driving collaboration integrated working with NHS Services
  • Securing the best outcomes and experience for patients, doctors, nurses, and all healthcare service providers
  • Optimizing value for every pound spent on both patients and the taxpayer for saving on the public sector spending.
  • Providing the best quality that is available in private hospitals to nationwide NHS Facilities